Leg Up


Balance Innovation Center and Leg Up will partner with local schools to bring STEM programs, resources and activities through various platforms. BIC and Leg up will make STEM fun and attainable.


Balance Innovation Center and Leg UP provides opportunities and programs for college and university students to allow them to be successful in the pursuit of STEM careers.


Balance Innovation Center and Leg UP strives to be an integral part of the community. In doing so, they provide opportunities for non-students to learn more about STEM and just have fun in STEM related areas. The goal is to provide a community that supports the students seeking STEM careers and also educate the community in STEM areas in a digestible form.


Leg Up and Balance Innovation Center (BIC) are integral parts of each other. The founders of BIC/Leg Up have been in STEM fields for over 20 years each. Throughout their education and career, they have experienced the challenges of being a woman or a minority. They understand how important it is to have the early support and role models to provide encouragement and support during every stage, from when one first becomes interested in STEM through their careers. Their goal is to create environments that lead to an increase in STEM academic retention and retention in STEM careers for women and minorities.

Leg Up is focusing on students, their families and their community. Leg Up wants to make it so that kids that love STEM do so with confidence. We create programs that allow families, peers and the community to learn about STEM careers as a exciting, attainable potential. And first and foremost, Leg Up wants to provide the resources and support to students that are needed to make them successful, whether it is in K-12 or in college.

The founders of BIC and Leg Up are here because they have been allowed to stand on the shoulders of those before them. Those shoulders have given them the confidence and tools to overcome the challenges they have faced. Those shoulders have given them the inspiration to want to give their shoulders to others to stand on. They will give those who come to Leg Up a leg up onto those shoulders.


Leg Up offers a range of programs for all ages.


  • Career Awareness Programs through Speakers 
  • Bring a kid to work days 
  • Field Trips  to the Innovation Center with presentations and tours 
  • Fun Talks (STEM related speakers for different ages)
  • Challenges and competitions
  • STEM Camp
  • Tutoring

Colleges and Universities

  • Paid Internships
  • Continued Mentorships
  • Networking
  • Community STEM demonstrations/events 
  • Innovation Contests
  • STEM Camp
  • Speaker Series
  • Scholarships
  • Tutoring and tutoring opportunities


Family and Community

  • STEM Festivals
  • Hackathons
  • Speaker Series
  • Career Information