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  • AI As Your Doctor

    By Jill Mari Embry CEO/Founder Balance Innovation Center, LLC Recently., I  went to a memorial service for my mothers doctor....

Affirmative Action in Sheep’s Clothing:

What’s Changed? By Jill Mari Embry One of my favorite movies is My Cousin Vinny. It is not only hilarious but has a segment that highlights biases associated with working...... Read More

They Knew You Were Black/A Woman When They Hired You

Jill Mari Embry: CEO/Found of Balance Innovation Center LLC I have been told, “How can we discriminate against you? We knew you were a black woman when we hired you.”...... Read More

CEO of the Year, 2021

– Kentucky, the USA The Balance in Innovation Center (BIC) aims to use teams of minority and women engineers,developers, and scientists to create an environment void of the biases of...... Read More

I Could Get Fired For This-Understanding the Retention Problems With Women and Minorities in STEM

By Jill Mari Embry CEO/Founder of Balance Innovation Center. Recently I was listening to an NPR segment on the American Women’s’ Soccer Team and the abuses, including sexual, physical and...... Read More